All photos you can find on this website are released under CC BY-NC: Attribution – Non-Commercial License.

In non-nerdy language it means you can remix, tweak, and build upon these photos but not for commercial projects, and you MUST attribute the original photo to me (a link to this website or my social profiles is fine, but feel free to also shoot me an email, I always like to know what my photos are used for).

If you don’t acknowledge me, I will send you tens of angry emails with gifs of puking cats attached until you take the pictures down, so you’re warned.

As it is not a Share-alike license, you do not have to license your derivative works on the same terms.

Be careful with pictures of people and/or monuments as you might need a special authorization to use them.

If you need a photo for commercial use, please contact me. Although I’d be very surprised. Who would like to pay for such crappy work. You obviously haven’t been long enough on the internet, keep searching you’ll find something better.

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